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How Will I Learn?

As is the case with the care in which we select our facilities and instructors (the where and the who), excellent results simply cannot be achieved without careful attention to the “what” and the “how” of the process.

At the core of the instruction for each student at NCSP is a personalized, graded, progressive pathway of skill development guided by a professional educator incorporating specific exercises, etudes and solos.


Supporting audio and video content is also employed, all working together to prepare the student for confident, excellent performance on their chosen instrument as they progress through each level of mastery.

drum set lessons high point nc

"It’s fun! The other kids in my class at school can’t believe how much better I am. The teacher has me teach them now!"

So, what are these "levels of achievement"?

Most music publications in the United States are “graded”, 1-5, by the publishers to indicate the level of difficulty of each work. At each level there are specific musical terms and ideas, rhythms, techniques, keys, speeds, and length of performance time that players are expected to perform accurately.


The curriculum at NCSP is designed around these grade levels and ensures that when a student is awarded a grade level diploma that they are competent and fully ready to perform at that grade level.

This process leaves nothing to chance. For the student, they can be confident that there are no “holes” in their learning or understanding that can trip them up as they perform. For the parents, they can easily track progress from one level to the next right on their student’s secure page on the school’s web site. For the school music director, they can be certain that a student that has earned a grade level diploma at the North Carolina School of Percussion is ready to perform any works at that grade level.

The NCSP curriculum is one of the “specifics” that sets us apart. We our one of only a handful of music schools in the United States that specifically caters to the percussionist and the only one that employs a specific, complete, multi-media, curriculum driven approach to instruction covering the requirements of the beginning student through the collegiate and professional performer.

No more paying for “drum-lessons” in the back room of the local music store. No more starting over with a new instructor every other year. No more playing on pads, electronic drums, and practice instruments. No more “rote” learning. And, maybe most importantly, no more wondering what progress is being made.

Stop taking “lessons”.

                    Start learning to play!

Find out more about our unique approach to percussion instruction. Use the link below to contact us today with any questions you have or to schedule your first instructional session.

snare drum lessons high point nc
Percussion lessons high point nc


336 918 3634

School Location


1917 N Centennial St,  

High Point, NC 27262

Mailing Address

5710-K Gate City Blvd., Box 105,

Greensboro, NC 27407

Offering quality music lessons in :   Snare Drum, Drum Set, Marching Percussion, Timpani, Congas, Djembe, Afro-Cuban Percussion, Brazilian Percussion, Marimba, Steel drum, and Vibraphone.

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