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The timpani are unique instruments in the percussion section as they are one of the only “variable-pitch” instruments in the percussion family. This can pose some additional challenges to the percussionist as they are required to learn how to adjust the pitches while utilizing a playing technique that is different than the other percussion instruments…often at the same time!

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The timpani track employs all the aspects of the NCSP curriculum and learning tools to provide a comprehensive approach leading to excellent performance skills on the instrument. The timpani instruction track makes use of progressive, graded exercises, etudes, solos, and excerpted literature to provide sequential training in areas including:

  • Mallet Selection

  • Stroke Styles and Mixed Articulation Control

  • Grip Development

  • Drum Muffling and Damping

  • Drum to Drum Movement

  • Pitch Matching, Interval Awareness, and Drum Tuning

  • Classic and Contemporary Solo Literature

  • Orchestral and Wind Band Excerpts

  • Recording Studio Performance Techniques

  • Head Selection, Mounting, and Clearing

  • Instrument Maintenance and Pedal Adjustment

The timpani instruction track is designed to develop the student’s tuning abilities, performance abilities, and overall understanding of the instrument propelling them to excellent, confident timpani performance.

Begin the process of becoming an excellence and confident timpanist today. Use the link below to contact us and get started!

"My son always wanted to play timpani. In 6th grade he joined the band but they never really played timpani. We enrolled him at NCSP so he could learn. Since then he has been the timpanist in five honors bands and will be the timpanist in high school next year as a freshman. (NCSP also got him a paying gig playing timpani at a church this Christmas with an all-adult orchestra!)"


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Offering quality music lessons in :   Snare Drum, Drum Set, Marching Percussion, Timpani, Congas, Djembe, Afro-Cuban Percussion, Brazilian Percussion, Marimba, Steel drum, and Vibraphone.

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