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Concert Hall Snare Drumming

The snare drum is often considered the most important non-pitched percussion instrument for the student to master, and for good reason. From the concert hall to the marching field and from the jazz halls to the rock clubs, the snare drum has become the primary instrument for percussion performance.

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There are more recordings of, and more music written for the concert snare drum than for any other percussion instrument. Percussion auditions for school bands and orchestras, university ensembles, and professional performing groups focus strongly on concert snare drumming requirements.

The concert hall snare drumming instructional track at NCSP takes the student through some of the most rhythmically dense material written for percussion, allowing the student to develop the skills to demonstrate the control, touch, speed, and finesse required to present musical statements with the snare drum.

Throughout the process, the student will also be exposed to the multi-percussion literature that is often required of the concert hall snare drummer to provide a complete educational experience.

Whether beginner or experienced performer, the NCSP concert hall snare drumming instruction will assist the student in developing a full range of performance techniques.

NOTE: Since concert hall snare drum performance is most often a requirement of auditions, The North Carolina School of Percussion has individualized audition preparation sessions available designed to assist performers with their specific audition material.


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