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The North Carolina Percussion Orchestra is an ensemble open to students of the North Carolina School of Percussion as well as community members of all ages.

The NCPO presents three performance sessions during the year (fall, winter, and spring). Individuals may participate in as many or as few of the sessions as they choose.

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The size and number of ensembles during each session is determined by the number and ability level of the performers enrolled, ensuring a meaningful experience for all participants.

During each session each ensemble prepares appropriately challenging percussion literature on a wide variety of instruments under the tutelage of expert percussion instructors. At the conclusion of each session the ensembles present a public concert, often including the premier of one new percussion composition under the direction of the composer.

Each performance session lasts between 12 and 13 weeks and includes eight rehearsals and a public concert performance. Rehearsals last 90 minutes and are scheduled on a consistent weekday evening. Some weeks do not include a rehearsal to allow for holidays, school breaks, schedules, school testing, etc. Performances are held at the school on Sunday afternoons. Ensemble members are required to be present at each rehearsal and performance.

In order to place the individual performers in the correct ensemble and to select literature to be performed each session, a short audition is required of each participant prior to being accepted into the ensemble.


Auditions for the NCPO are a “low-key”, “low-stress” process designed to obtain an understanding of each member’s ability level. There is no sight-reading involved and prospective members may simply play portions of material they are currently working on in their school groups or private studies. Do not let this short process stop you from participating. Players of ALL ability levels are welcome!

Use the link below to find out more about our current schedule of:


336 918 3634


School Location

1917 N Centennial St,  

High Point, NC 27262

Mailing Address

5710-K Gate City Blvd., Box 105,

Greensboro, NC 27407

Offering quality music lessons in :   Snare Drum, Drum Set, Marching Percussion, Timpani, Congas, Djembe, Afro-Cuban Percussion, Brazilian Percussion, Marimba, Steel drum, and Vibraphone.

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